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ALMA APS is a no-profit organization aiming to promote active and sustainable mobility as a tool of local develpoment. ALMA APS excercises business activities in a way which is instrumental to the realization of its social goals.

The following “Terms and conditions” regulate – respectively – the activities of bicycles and equipment hire, the excursionistic activities, guided tours and holidays.

With the exception of holidays organization (see in the following), all other activities are to be considered as direct implementantion of the social goals of ALMA APS and can be subject to payment of a VAT-free price when provided to associates, their cohabitant relatives,and other Third Sector Organizations (according to the Italian Third Sector Law).. In any other case, the provided services are to be considered as commercial activities.


Candellations must be sent via email to info@alma.bike.

Cancellations made before 1 day (24 h) from the booked date will be refunded completely (except the costs of payment by credit card or PayPal).

Cancellations made within 1 day (24 h) of the reservation date are charged 100% of the price. Reservation “no shows” are charged 100% of the price, and considered non-refundable. If a reservation date is changed from its original date within 1 day (24 h), the changed reservation no longer qualifies for cancellation, is charged in full, and is considered non-refundable. The change request must be made via email to info@alma.bike and will be subject of approval by our team.

Last minute cancellations or “No Shows” are charged 100% of the price and considered as not refundable.

In case of bad weather, we will cancel the booking and offer a refund or a change.


The hire of bicycles and other equipment forms an instrumental activity with respect to the promotion of itineraries and experiences designed by ALMA APS to discover the territory.

Renting equipment by ALMA APS implies the agreement of specifical terms of services included in the hire agreement.


Guided Tours are regulated by the Italian Law for Tourism and Cultural Goods. For these activities, ALMA APS avails itself of official tour guides. ALMA APS can also play the role of a simple intermediary between the guide and its customers or act itself as the provider of the global experience in which the guided tour is only a part (in the last case, see exsursion activities).


ALMA APS is not responsabile of any of the holiday packages promoted on its website, which are organized by licensed tour operators.

ALMA APS offers only services which can no way considered as holiday packages. If the services provided by ALMA APS, are bought or used as part of a holiday package by a tour operator, the responsibility of all services included in the package belongs to the tour operator itself